An open source project by the

Built for Media

MCMA is built with media in mind. Build complex workflows with long-running tasks to transform your media, extract metadata, and move it around the world.

Choose Your Cloud

MCMA uses patterns that are cloud-agnostic, with out-of-the-box support for the three biggest cloud providers today: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Choose Your Language

MCMA provides libraries for some of the most popular programming languages today (with more on the way!). Build your services for Node.js platforms using TypeScript or JavaScript, or for .NET using C#.

Focus on Your Code

MCMA is built with an emphasis on serverless platforms, particularly FaaS (Function as a Service). Deploy your code without worrying about the servers it's running on.

Deploy Anywhere

MCMA uses Terraform, an open-source tool for provisioning and managing infrastructure and resources across dozens of cloud and on-premise providers.